Replica Panerai Radiomir Price

Replica Panerai Radiomir Price

One of Replica Panerai Radiomir Price our favorite Indie watchmakers, Stepan Sarpaneva is currently Replica Panerai Radiomir Price working on a new watch. It will be his first tourbillon watch. Stepan Sarpaneva shared photos of a tourbillon enclosure. It has the same grid-like design as many of his watches' Replica Panerai Radiomir Price dials. He is currently testing it and fine-tuning the design. We were told that he would most likely present his first tourbillon watch at Baselworld 2015. It will probably include another complication. Which complication is it?It takes millions of euro and years to develop a tourbillon movement. Sarpaneva is a small brand of Indie watches. The only problem is that the price (such as the Gronefeld Parallax Tourbillon) will exceed EUR 100.000k. The Replica Panerai Radiomir Price only way to go is to buy a tourbillon that is already on the market. Technotime offers the "off-the shelf" tourbillon calibre, TT 791.Replica Panerai Radiomir Price

This is Panerai Replica Watches the base of Sarpaneva's Tourbillon. It comes in many Replica Panerai Radiomir Price variations. Sarpaneva uses the calibre T 791.53 Tourbillon Movement. The ".53" addendum means that it has a small seconds hand at the top of the tourbillon's axis, and a power reserve indicator at 3:30h. Two main springs power the movement, Replica Panerai Radiomir Price providing 120 hours of autonomy once fully wound. The balance vibrates at a rate of 28,800 vph (4Hz), and the tourbillon performs one complete revolution every 60 seconds.As can be seen in the photo, the Technotime movement has a fairly standard tourbillon cage and bridge. The bridge extends over the Replica Panerai Radiomir Price aperture with the tourbillon cage, and is attached to the main plate. The "standard" tourbillon bridge was not to Mr. Sarpaneva's taste so he designed a new bridge to replace the Technotime calibre 791 standard bridge.Replica Panerai Radiomir Price

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This is panerai radiomir replica something you should not take lightly. Many tourbillon parts Replica Panerai Radiomir Price are *almost* nothing and new parts must be the same weight. It can completely throw off the balance of the pivoting point if one of the tiny parts is just a fraction more heavy. If the part isn't balanced, it can severely compromise the precision of Replica Panerai Radiomir Price the movement and cause more wear to fragile parts.Tools are necessary to finish new or standard parts. A tool is needed to hold the piece you are working on. These tools can't be bought anywhere, so they must be custom-made for the purpose. Replica Panerai Radiomir Price Below you will see a customized tool and an example of the finished cage.Sarpaneva tourbillon cage has flat, straight-brushed surfaces and angled edges.Replica Panerai Radiomir Price

You can see the tourbillon cage in action. These parts are already Replica Panerai Radiomir Price finished. The flat surfaces were straight grained and the edges were angled.The new tourbillon cage, bridge, and dial have the familiar Sarpaneva design language. They even resemble the dial of my Korona K1 (1st Generation) which I Replica Panerai Radiomir Price purchased back in 2009. Although the grid-like design looks rough, it is likely unfinished. This means that flat surfaces must be straight-grained and grid-holes need to be Replica Panerai Radiomir Price deburred.Sarpaneva built his own tourbillon case and will be fine-tuning it. Sarpaneva's diving watch case, the Korona K0, was used to mount it. The iconic grid-like design of the bridge, where the tourbillon's axis pivots makes it almost complete Replica Panerai Radiomir Price circle around the dial.